My daughter, the doll.

I can’t tell you how many times someone has stopped to look at my sweet daughter and tell me, “She looks exactly like a little baby doll!”

She has big blue eyes, fair skin, long light brown hair that curls in the back and a perfectly smooth, round face. She’s got white diamond stud earrings, and almost always has a bow in her hair. Sometimes I try to match our outfits in some aspects or details. Younger girls in particular seem to love that the most.

“Oh my goodness, y’all match! I want one!”

“She’s so cute! I want one so I can dress her up all the time!”

“I’m so ready to have a baby, it’s going to be so fun!”

You want “one?” She is not a doll. She’s not an accessory I pick for the day. She is a living, breathing baby who has to be tended to at all times. You see us out and she is dressed cute and laughing. Little do you know she spit up on her first outfit, got food on her second and I have a pile of laundry bigger than her that has accumulated in just 2 days.

She’s amazing and when she’s happy playing with her is the best thing ever. However, some days she doesn’t want her toys. None of them are appealing and she cries and screams because she cant eat the dog food or chew on the coffee table.

Babies aren’t dolls, and young girls only seem to “want one” when they are smiling and clean. So, I just wanted to give a little advice to these girls since they think it’s all cute outfits and baby giggles.

I hope you still think its fun when you’ve been up all night, it’s 2 AM and you don’t know if your baby is crying their eyes out because they’re on the brink of death from an illness they can’t tell you about or because they have to poop but can’t.

You better still think it’s cute when they projectile vomit all over themselves, you, and the dog.  Or when they stain your favorite shirt and their new cute outfit with carrots or green beans. Because let me just tell you, I have designated stained t-shirts for meal time because its sad to say how many pieces of clothing got ruined.

I hope you’re ready to wear pee, spit up, boogers, snot, and slobber. Because all those will come with your new matching attachment you couldn’t wait to be “twinning” with.

Say bye to normal sleep patterns, shopping sprees for yourself, personal space, and “me” time. Once you become a mother you become a million other things. I’m my daughter’s jungle gym, her meal provider, her entertainment, and I fix everything. I must kiss every bumped head, spank any object she knocks her little body on, and read her mind that she wanted green beans instead of sweet potatoes today.

She pulls my hair, hits my face, eats my fingers, and puts her hands (or feet) anywhere on my body she pleases. I’m hot? Oh well, she wants to lay on my chest. My stomach hurts?  Ha, yeah right mom – you’re going to stand me up on it so I can stomp while I try to pull your eyelashes out. Oh, and don’t forget to wash the 12 bottles in the sink because tomorrow the 2 clean ones will be missing parts.

Being a mom is the messiest, most exhausting thing you’ll experience. You give and give and give everything you have, everything you can until you think you can’t give anything else. But somehow you still manage to continue giving.

And in the end, being a mom is the best thing I’ve ever done. I wouldn’t change anything about it. Her face gives me inspiration, her laugh gives me joy. Hearing or seeing her gives all the motivation I need to do anything. She brings light into my world. No, I wouldn’t trade a single minute of screaming or any night I was putting diapers in the sink or pouring formula into my hand.

My daughter is the best thing in this world and I am in no way saying that any of the hardships outweigh the beautiful moments. Because they never could. I love playing peek-a-boo, I love teaching her, I love park days and bed time snuggles. And yes, I love buying pretty clothes and matching our outfits! I just wanted you girls “who want one” because of those cute moments to know about the not so pretty ones as well.

So, unless you still “want one” after you’ve been standing in line for 10 minutes behind a mom with a baby screaming because she needs to fart – or after that extremely smelly explosion you just watched a mom change in the restroom – please wait.




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