I’ll be seeing you.

Death is simple, it takes no effort at all. So do not fill the air with sorrow and sad faces. See, because dying doesn’t really count. It doesn’t change who I was or who I will continue to be to you. My place in your life is still as it was before. Everything will remain the same in our relationship, it will go untouched and unchanged. The old life we lived together will still remain, so speak of it fondly. Do not ever be afraid to speak my name. Say my name without fear, call me by my nickname, mention me as simply as you used to. Do not attach a ghostly shadow to my name and do not waver when you speak it. Let it bring the same feelings it brought before today because it is as it always was. Everything we were, we still are. Laugh at our old jokes just as you would with me there. Talk about our memories with smiles and joy. Do not fret because you cannot see me. I may be out of sight but just think of me as if I’ve stepped into the other room for the moment. I want for you everything I always did. Happiness, love, success, and enjoyment. Smile, laugh, and love without the slightest glimor of guilt. Life still means all that it ever meant. See, because I’m doing just fine. I am somewhere close nearby, awaiting your own arrival. Until that day, though, know that everything is well and that I’ll be seeing you.



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